Student Clubs and Societies

In order to develop personal skills, knowledge and techniques we encourage our students to use their free time in the most beneficial way so they can be valuable members to the public unity and carry it to the highest level. Our goal at Final International University is to unite our students under different umbrellas according to their interest and skills during their education. We inspire our students to become distinctive students according to their pursuit and direct them to different student clubs during their education.


Radio Club

FIU Radio was established in July 2016. Students will be able to produce their own programs, and develop broadcasting skills. Our aim is to contribute to culture, art, and education through a range of programs of different types.

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Computer Society

Computer Society (CompSoc) exists to promote the use of IT, computers and  internet among their members. Society organises meetings, social  and academic functions for members to further increase their computer  knowledge and interests. Meetings include talks by invited guest speakers on interesting   computer topics. Practical courses are given by experts in computer  and    IT areas. Society also organises  a variety of social events such as Film Nights,  Gaming (LAN) Parties, Robot race, chess tournament,nature tracking sport  competitions and etc.


 Diving and Underwater Sports Club

This club is intended to enable participants to develop basic skills and practical knowledge in the fields of diving, swimming, scuba diving, and life guard duties.


Trekking and Nature Club

This club aims to increase sensitivity towards nature and the environment whilst enabling our students to appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, community cooperation, and team spirit.


 Photography Club

The aim of the Final International University Photography Club is to spend free time developing photographic and editing skills and to contribute to the development of the university photographic archive.


Cinema Club

The FIU Cinema Club seeks to use film as a platform to develop and broaden the horizons of members through critical appreciation and discussion of a wide variety of different film types and genres.


Ecology Club

The aim of the Ecology Club is to develop environmental awareness. The club will be engaged in such activities as recycling and clean environment campaigns, and seminar organization.


International Student Society

The International Student Society brings together students of all different nationalities and cultural backgrounds in order to organize national and international events that celebrate our diversity and provide a genuine learning experience for all involved.