Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

General Information

Our students are staying in 4 different regions including Çatalköy Life Center, Serinli Life Center, Liman Life Center, Beylerbeyi Female Life Center.

Accommodation in these areas are designed for both academic and social needs of our students, especially for the first year they provide a great advantage. Our students who spend their first years in our life centers will benefit from transportation, food, sports, etc. because they will have the opportunity to spend their time much more efficiently.

All of our life centers offer internet, free transportation and general cleaning service one day a week.

For your registration/admission requests for life centers and dormitories konaklama@final.edu.tr e-mail address, for technical problems and other requests https://destek.final.edu.tr / you can sign in with your student password from the page and indicate your requests and follow the procedures.

The students who accommodate in the life centers and dormitories must comply with the principles, rules, regulations and circulars. It is essential that you take into consideration the following rules in our life centers and dormitories:


  • Tobacco / tobacco products cannot be used /smoked in the building (common areas and apartments),
  • Alcohol, drugs and stimulants cannot be kept and used in the Life Center/dormitory,
  • Other than the places determined / designated by the dormitory administration (even if FIU students), guests are not accepted,
  • No one who is not registered in the Life Center/dormitory can be accommodated as a boarder (even if they are FIU students)
  •  Students who stay at the Life Center / Dormitory accept “ FINAL INTERNATIONAL  UNIVERSITY STUDENT DORMITORY PRINCIPLES AND RULES” as a complete. The document regarding the mentioned principles and rules can be obtained from the web page before the start of the accommodation.
  • Tenants are obliged to pay the full annual dormitory fee if the students who have registered with FIU dormitory and life centers if they leave the dormitory.

Some students may also choose the option of private accommodation . Students who want to stay in private homes can visit our Property Partners below.


Dormitory and Hall Rules And Regulations